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You hold the power to bring a game changing event to your group TODAY!   

My main keynote is entitled "Student Success?  It's As Easy As T.L.C!"  It has been extremely well received across the country, and I firmly believe it is a message all teachers need to hear.  


The keynote (which shares its title with my book) centers around providing tangible, principle based, strategies that adults within the education process have at their disposal to increase student motivation, and by extension, student success.  It will also underscore the impact of relationships (and how to create them) in the achievement process and why T.L.C. is the glue that keeps it all together!


If you want to book a half or full day, I also have tons of additional, relevant sessions to share!  For example:



Classroom Management?  Just Say NO!



A common concern of today's educator is how much time and attention is dedicated to discipline.  Many have been told all that is needed to improve the quality of their building or district is better classroom management.  What can be done to increase student/parent engagement in the light of the reality of COVID - 19?  How can educators reduce the defiance and suspensions that plague many campuses today? Book this humorous and informative session to find out!


Cheat Codes! (Correlates nicely to the T.L.C! Keynote)


Educators today face many challenges.  Oftentimes, situations beyond our control such as poor funding or lack of parental support can exasperate us.  In fact, many educators today find themselves "at the end of their rope" when it comes to getting students to succeed, especially in the twilight of a global pandemic.   What principles can allow an educator to get out of a mode centered around surviving, and into a mode centered around THRIVING? Book this fast paced and humorous session to find out!




Don't Forget, To Remember...


As an educator, one may struggle with feelings of inadequacy, or be frustrated by situations that they find within their workplace.  The repercussions of these and other challenges are being felt throughout the profession.  Several states have high burnout rates and in certain locales educators are even holding "walk out" type protests.  What can an educator do with what they currently have to allow them to overcome such issues?  Book this fast paced and humorous session to find out!

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