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Innovative District, 2022

Humbled...stunned... grateful?🤔 I'm not actually sure of the emotion I'm feeling after the 2022 Model Schools Conference. It's hard to explain the honor of representing Geary in this way. We were one of only 8 Innovative Districts in the country, and the only one selected from Oklahoma. 6000+ educators were in attendance and our three sessions were FULL! Everyone wanting to hear MORE about the amazing things that can be accomplished in education when the focus lies solely on the people....BOTH the people being educated, and the people doing the educating! The feedback from attendees and the organizers was OVERWHELMING! Several Oklahoma schools thanked us for representing our state so well and LITERALLY HUNDREDS of educators from across the country are pondering ways to apply the principles we discussed in their home districts! Hat tip to the A Team (Our district leadership team was incredible) and the Geary Public Schools teachers who were able to attend (you all were super encouraging!). This conference was also a substantial investment in the betterment of our staff that I know will pay dividends! There is SOOOO much more to come! Stay tuned! #tlcineducation #iwanttobeaworldchanger #fromgoodtogreattogether

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